The Memory of the Place

We quote Rym Ghazal a journalist from the national newspaper (Dec 16, 2012) describing this area:

“To honour the location, Prof. Rafia set up the “memory of the place”, where old photos from personal albums have pride of place on the entrance wall.

“You might recognise some faces and may not recognise others,” Prof Ghubash says. “But it will make you pause and try to find the story behind the photos, or make your own story.”

As they enter, visitors are introduced to the museum through a series of images, showing both the history and people’s personal memories of the local district. Photographs of past inhabitants, alongside public documents, and poems, recall the lives of the local people.

«This dedicated place at the entrance to the Museum makes the past rise, and brings our ancestors once again close to retell their stories.These faces that look back at us, let us question our lives and contemplate theirs, when they smiled, when they shed tears, and when they left.We wonder what is left of them in us. There is a history to this place that make us nostalgic about what is used to be. We reminisce lovingly about the olden days. And we welcome you, whether you are here to learn about this place, or to recollect your own scattered memories.»